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Summer 2016

I love my hosting provider, but I am a girl geek and I have to try alternative things to see if they are for me. It is just the curious kid inside. For so many years, I have tried alternative software to gauge if I can do it and pass on the recommendation to average person to give it a try too.

So after I try my hand at my first WordCamp speaking engagement in early June, I will have two summer projects to stream about on Livecoding.tv.

  1. I did say I loved my hosting provider right?! Well I have been with them for 2 years and a <backstory>’whoopsie‘</backstory> happened this week, that made me realize, that maybe I should start managing my own  account. I have heard about Digital Ocean and it seemed hard to manage your own server. But I have been corrected and there is great documentation and YouTube videos to help out as well. Then there are things like ServerPilot and Easy Engine to get you going in the right direction. I will probably try both and write/blog my findings so stay tuned. FYI I have not consciously turned on RSS for this site yet. Getting there.
  2. Build my own Linux machine. Back in the day I built a couple windows machines, just to see if my Lego skills could transfer to another area. Luckily they did. I will keep it simple and get just a case and the “innerds”, probably a kit of some kind. Just something to tinker with.

Looking forward to getting rather nerdy with both projects.