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What LICEcap lacks in a pretty UI, it makes up in the ease of creating animated screen grabs. A curious app that simply does what it is designed to do. It was a little confusing to get this app going.

After starting this app, you are greeted with a window who’s content is transparent and shows the desktop and all open apps underneath. The necessary important features of Frames Per Second, Size Dimensions (for pixel perfect workflow), and the Record button.

When you press the record button, oddly you are asked to name your final gif and its saving location. One would think this step would be prompted after hitting the stop button.

Other options when saving your file include:

  • The option for a title screen and big font
  • Elapsed time
  • Mouse button press
  • Repeat count or 0 for infinite loop
  • Auto stop after (you set) ┬áseconds
  • Use .GIF transparency for smaller files
  • Control+Alt+P pause recording


Animate GIf

See the extra tip!