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Livecoding Stats

(Originally written August 27, 2015)

So it has been about 7 weeks since I started sharing my web work online for the world to see. LiveCoding sent me an email asking me to write answers to some questions about me to post a stream profile of who I was and how I got started in coding. I was thrilled! I sent in my info and found out they did a highlight on about 6 other women as well. I was shocked and in complete awe to see the talent, intelligence, and stories of these other women whom I shared the stage with in these highlighted profiles.

I knew of two of them already from wondering around the live streams and finding them. Both of them are super talented. One coder chick is just getting started and she is diving straight into Ruby on Rails and making web apps through Free Coding Camp. I signed up after I saw the cool weather app she was making. The other is an awesome graphic designer and front end developer.

My first goal in being on LC.tv was to make it to the top 20 of all streamers. Did that in about 4 weeks. I stream almost every day. I have created DevChats.com and now stream educational beginners classes.

With all that streaming going on I am now in the top 10 of all streamers, I am in the top 5 streamers in the United States and top 5 of HTML and CSS.

I had no complaints about anything much. Just some UI and features missing on the LC.tv website. They are working hard on new features. There were a few childish boys who had not grown up yet who should have, that were having fun in the chat rooms in a rude, crude and socially dysfunctional way. I ignored them and ban them immediately after three conscious chat posts of rude ignorance. Since I am favorited with the LC.tv staff, I just pass along the offending name in an email.

(Updated June 28,2016)

LC.tv recently changed their system to include Pro accounts. I am so glad that they like and trust my streams because they gave me a Pro account for free. That kind of stuff makes you feel good.

They know they are getting good quality friendly teaching streams from me, so they highlight my efforts by gifting me with a paid account. One I honestly would not have paid for, I would have continued to use the free account.

The Pro account allows you to download your streams, a feature I had been looking for. I have wanted to grab some good streams and use them on my sites – especially Devchats.

So come on over and join the front end fun at livecoding.tv/awakekat .