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First look: Sierra

So I have upgraded my Macbook Air. Wow, expect an hour or more of your time. I am not one who jumps on the new shiny OS boat, but I did. I always wait a month, let the bugs skuttle out and be patched before I download and install.

WARNING: Be sure to slow down and read carefully each page of the installation. If you do not want the contents of your Desktop and the Documents folder to be shipped off to iCloud, then make absolutely sure you TURN OFF/DESELECT the checkbox for that forever in a day process to NOT happen. I didn’t have too many files but it chugs along on a wireless signal.

The iPhone and the wireless earbuds are a whole other soapbox story I really do not like.

So I jumped in Sierra two days out. The Air is my least used Mac computer so I thought I would sacrifice it once I did a time machine backup before as precaution for an unforeseen meltdown.

I don’t trust her – at all. Sorry, just not fond of my computer listening/recording me and my single living rants when things in the code are not working or I am watching the daily updates of disgusting politics on TV. I would be afraid that people with sedatives and jackets that only tie in the back would show up at my door.

So she is turned off. Never to assist me in anything I do or recording anything I say. I am not even childishly curious to ask her to something common sense outside the bounds of her ability, like: “Hey Siri, I am out of milk. Go drive to the store and get some more”. Knowing that in reality at some time in the future, just by asking, 10 minutes later a delivery of milk is at my door.

Browser: Chrome – Yes, Safari – maybe with the new picture in picture video pop-out. Second choice – Firefox and a tie with FF would be Opera. Yes it is still around and has built it VPN – yes you read that right. Check out Opera they are really trying hard.

Even though there is the awesome picture-in-picture feature in Safari, it ONLY works for iTunes in the Safari Browser. For someone like me who constantly learns new coding skills off of Youtube, that was enticing until – it gets proprietary and does not work. Opera fills in the gaps where Safari falls off the rails with PiP. Let’s move on, shall we…

Universal Clipboard, maybe not. I am not that “mobile”. My day to day work horse is code, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects – not conducive for working on a phone – ever.

I have not tried the unlock feature, something tells me the 2012 Macbook Air doesn’t fit the requirements with the iWatch. Yes I have that too. Don’t knock it until you try it. I love it. Why? Pinging my phone that I am constantly losing somewhere in the house.

Extra added emojis features to iMessages – {Yawn}

Bug (possibly) – I could not connect my corded mic earbuds to my MacBook Pro and talk in a Google Hangout. I had to go to my MacMini that I had not upgraded to Sierra yet, only to find out it worked fine. Hmmm….

Slowness – yes it seems to be a thing or 4MB of RAM puts it on it’s knees. Not sure, but the Apple website says and I quote: “2GB of memory” is listed as General Requirements. Um but they ship with a minimum of 4MB, Huh??

More to rant about later as it pops up.