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Didn’t Get The Memo

So I was able to setup a SSH key and connect to my host several weeks ago. Something happened and I couldn’t connect. So no worries, let me create a new key, not like I haven’t created 50,000 of them in my learning process with 4 different computers in my house and one being a Win10 trying to connect to a github and two Bitbucket accounts. Plus losing the passphrase to logins to those keys as fast as shooing flies off an open sandwich in the heat of summer.

So I have a top rated hosting provider. They just went from 5 stars to 3 with this doozy of a ‘you didn’t get the memo’ moment.

I went through the SAME process as I did before: Create the key, Add the key, Copy the contents of the public key and Paste it into the public key form upload section of cPanel. This time when I hit upload I got an error. Sometimes I am not paying attention and I accidentally copy the contents of the private key and it lets me know real quick that is wrong. I forget the step to add the ‘.pub’ to the end of the file name.

I tried both ways, and this was starting to unnerve me. I finally went to the chat support. I was fuming knowing that I had done this process 3 weeks before and was able to login. SupportTech#1in chat was kind and walked me through the process. Things were added to the commands that mac was having a problem with and throwing errors. I was getting more upset knowing the extra text was a problem but they could not understand that.

SupportTech#2 in chat was very short with me and only copied and pasted the same links to the same wrong instructions that didn’t work that SupportTech#1 sent me.

I tried the instructions they gave me written on their website and copied the first command, only to get the terminal to throw an error.

They wanted me to type this EXACTLY:

user@localhost: ssh-keygen -t dsa

Only to get this error:

command not found: user@localhost:

I knew that I had created 49,999 keys without the ‘user@localhost’. Why they have that in their instructions is a complete mystery to me without further explanation as to why and for what. ARGH!

TechSuppot#2 suggested I elevate the problem to a ticket system. Only there did the ‘really smart employees’ in the ticketing system know that they were having technical difficulties with SSH. I was told they had upgraded the SSH and they were in the process of fixing the system They very politely asked that I give them the public key contents and they would enter it manually. Problem solved. Why couldn’t have the chat tech peeps known about this?

Yo hosting providers, send memos about broken or non functional parts of your system to your entire support team for crying out loud! If I had known with the very first person I talked to that there were technical issues, I would have stopped trying to push the point of knowing I was doing the right steps knowing it was your {hopefully temporary } technical problem!

Even better, post a status of up and running system functioning in green and problem areas in orange. You know like your ticketing system.