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Animated Video

I did study video in college. For three years (the 5 year plan) I learned the process of video production from A to Z. We had to write the script, find actors, shoot the footage and edit it, and show it at our graduation to our classmates who were mostly our actors and extra hands as well.

It is only now that I have gotten back to that.

Four days ago I decided to jump into Adobe’s After Effects. Now that is an intense piece of software. I have not ventured to Premiere Pro, since I have been very happy with the simplicity of Telestream’s ScreenFlow 6.

There is a pretty big learning curve for AEĀ and it has been rather frustrating. I have found a couple great tutorial sites to get me going, but most of the videos are way beyond what I am ready for. I just need to manipulate titles and have shapes fly across the screen. I am not ready to make realistic explosions and have peoples heads pop off just yet.

I am happy to report that with the right settings, you can make animations in AE, and then bring them into ScreenFlow flawlessly.

I started in creating a lower third animated title to reveal onto the screen. I made sure the last step was to make the background a neon green for the color to key out. I imported the animation into ScreenFlow and applied the video filter. It was a beauty to behold.

Now I have to figure out how to make the titles some what quickly editable and figure out the flow of exporting animated titles to use on the fly. I am getting there.

My first attempt is a loop. I had to record it as and animated gif, so the loop is not perfect.