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Front-end Developer

In January of 2014, I attended The Iron Yard. After 18 years of figuring things out on my own I needed to upgrade my skills. I knew there was all kinds of awesome things I was missing out on: Bootstrap, Foundation, Node, Bower and Gulp. At last, I have connected to my inner computer geek full-time.


In 1996, I started teaching my Mom about Windows 95. She told her friends, and they told their friends. The next thing I knew, I started a job helping people set up their computer and was teaching them how to use it. I called myself The Home Computer Tutor. In 2014, renamed my business the Home Gadget Guru, since I was getting calls to help with iPhones, iPads and other gadgets.
Home Gadget Guru


Teaching older adults takes patience which came natural to me. I enjoy teaching one-on-one and in small groups - kids and adults alike. I started WebCodeChicks.com to share my passion of code with other women and girls.


I have built websites for school departments, colleges and business owners. The freedom of curiosity has taken me to learning places I never thought I would get to, taking on projects that stretch and challenge my skills.

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In July 2015, I found Liveedu.tv and my teaching audience went global. I setup an in-home studio to work on coding projects and talk through my process. By teaching, entertaining and engaging veiwers in learning code I began to rise in the ranks of followers. I am now a featured streamer that now shows up on the Livecoding homepage when I go live.

Fishing Freak

In June 2017, I re-kindled an early age love of fishing. Girl Can Fish is a Blog and YouTube channel that I share my love for the outdoors. I started fishing at an early age watching my Grandmother with worms, a bobber and a cane pole. In my teens, I got serious with a small plastic bass boat and a trolling motor on the lake behind my house. Come see my adventures and subscribe to my channel: YouTube - Girl Can Fish

When I am not coding... Yeah right!

I am Pittyful
Happy Karma

I love dogs and I am a pitbull advocate. When introduced to "The Dog Whisperer" in 2005, I felt a connection to his message and teachings. I immediately introduced his techniques with my dog and saw an improvement and a deeper quality of the relationship between us.

In 2006, I was volunteering at a low cost spay-neuter clinic when Karma came into my life. Her breed did not matter to me and I was going to raise her just like all the other dogs in my life.

I did notice that Karma needed a little more assertiveness in my commands than the other breeds such as Labradors and Retrievers who do nothing but 'people please'. Outside of that, I have come to love the goofy, fun-loving breed that is nothing but "pittyful".

Katherine meets Cesar and Junior

I was inspired by Cesar's philosophies and wanted to become a dog trainer. I am certified through the Animal Behavior College. To recieve my certification, I was required to volunteer 10 hours at a local shelter. What a wonderful opportunity to help aniamls find a forever home faster and for me to learn the intracasies of breeds and behaviors.

My favorite cases are the extreme ones. Fearful shutdown and fearfully aggressive. By studying the non-verbal, still, and quiet communication of the dog's body language there is a lot of communicating going on. Respecting this communication is what dog whispering is all about.

With patience and time, dogs can be rehabilitated from fearfully insecure situations when given proper exercise and knowing what they are to do. Routines, guidance and rules help them to feel safe and secure with everyday situations.

I am an Edu-holic
Hands on Keyboard

Even though I had learning difficulties in school, that just meant I had to find other ways to learn. I am a learning by doing, hands-on kind of student. At 11, when I first started working with a computer, it was evident I excelled and was fully engaged with the typing and seeing results on the screen.

No wonder that I loved art: drawing, painting and building with clay. All of these creative outlets put me actively in the creative process.

These days I am learning on a daily basis. Google is my teacher and there are tons of websites to research and find the right solution the coding problem at hand. Taking that knowledge and helping other people in this techno-gadgety world is my favorite thing to do.

I have been teaching older adults computer skills since 1996. I am now teaching kids and women coding skills.

I am a Fruit Loop
Apple painting

The first computer was given to me at 13, was an Apple IIc. Then came the Atari 2600 and then IBM clones came on to the scene. In college, circa 1993, I was emailing my Mom in the early days of the Internet. Then came Microsoft Windows 95 through Gateway and then I switched to Dell. In the late 1990's, I had a hard decision to make between going with Microsoft or Apple. I had a Power Macintosh G3 Blue and White at the time, but there were more software choices with the PC.

From 2000 to 2011, I worked with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7. I got tired of waiting losing time starting up, shutting down and installing software that took far too long. I went cold turkey rogue in early 2012 and went and bought a MacBook Pro.

I have to keep up with Microsoft to stay up to date with my skills to help my clients. Upgrading from Windoes 8 to 8.1 was a three day nightmare, solidifying my love for Apple.

However, with the advancement of Windows 10, I have to say it is a lot better than any other version of Windows I have ever used. Startup and shut down time is significantly faster.

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